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Our History

Italeri was founded in the early 60's with that enthusiasm which only youth’s unbridled passion creates. For Italeri’s two founders had loved airplanes and military vehicles from boyhood. But they were not satisfied with the models available at the time; they wanted something more, something better. Since what they wanted was nowhere to be found, they decided to produce it themselves. Painstakingly accurate research became their pastime; and that research provided the motivating force for producing models that modelers want, models with absolutely no imperfections. The company thus asserted itself—always increasing its range of products, always growing. And thanks to the imagination and talent of the founders and their colleagues, Italeri became a leader in modeling and in time established a place for itself on the international market.
Historical Research
Accurate research lies behind the design and production of each of our models. Before designing a model, Italeri puts painstaking effort into researching the details of its historical subject. Attention to every little detail—from information about a vehicle’s historical use to its paint schemes in various theatres of operation, from uniform colors and insignia to equipment and stowage—allows our customers to create models that accurately portray their subjects with the highest possible degree of historical realism. We want to transform a fun hobby into a cultural statement.
A Large Catalog
A large catalog with lots of models from which to choose allows you to make your collection unique. This is important for a company committed to promoting modeling all over the world. Our product range comprises many, many models; and because we’re always adding new products to it, our range constantly attracts new modelers to this limitless hobby. From 1/72 scale airplanes to large 1/35 scale ships—all tremendously accurate—the Italeri range puts no limits on your creativity. Our love for this hobby inspires us and provides a continuous stream of ideas to interest modelers.
Worldwide Exclusive Products
Italeri also specializes in exclusive subjects, offering models that no one else on the planet produces. Some examples:
·                     The most famous Italian airplanes of Regia Aeronautica in WW2. From the small biplane fighter Fiat CR-42 to the tri-motor transport/bomber Savoia Marchetti SM82, the history of the Italian Air Force can be faithfully represented in your collection.
·                     Military vehicles of the Italian Army in WW2, such as the AB series “autoblindo” (armored carriers; including the original railway version), the small L6 tank and the rare P40 tank.
·                     Amazing 1/35 boat models, with such kits such as the Maiale, the Barchino and the M.A.S.
·                     The large line of 1/72 miniatures, especially useful to wargamers.
Quality and Caring for Our Customers
Quality has always mattered to Italeri. And it always will. We’re committed to making modeling a fun and rewarding hobby for our customers. All our product lines feature:
·                     high quality plastics to ensure easy assembling;
·                     most kits have photoengraved details to enhance drybrushing and weathering effects, so your models look as realistic as possible;
·                     carefully written assembly instructions and historical documentation. In 2004, Italeri introduced Photographic Reference Manuals (PRM), unique guides including detailed information, photographs of vehicles in action, zoomed details for accurate historical reproduction, excerpts from original technical manuals, and different versions and paint schemes for the vehicles. PRMs are a great help for both novice and experienced modelers.
·                     Accurate details, with many kits having resin or photoengraved parts, enhancing the model’s realism.
Continuous Innovation and New Modeling Challenges
The entire Italeri production cycle takes place in the new 10,000m2 plant: from design (done with state of the art CAD/CAM technology) to printing to packaging of the final products. Great attention to innovation and research allows Italeri to create kits that are the state-of-the-art of the modelmaking technology.
At the end of 2008, Italeri presented the largest plastic kit in the world: the 1/35 scale Schnellboot S100. One meter in length, this faithful reproduction of the famous WW2 German motor torpedo boats is a record not only in size but also in modeling technology. It features:
·                     A new assembly system for the bridge and the hull
·                     More than 600 highly detailed components
·                     Photoengraved finishes for an accurate reproduction of details
Italeri will continue doing its best to create new and exciting products and models. Our biggest accomplishment continues to be making the wonderful hobby of scale models more and more popular.